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Communicate effectively with your Spanish-speaking patients. This compact handbook is designed as a two-way translator. English questions and directions are listed on one page and the equivalent Spanish on the facing page. Revised fourth edition includes new sections on substance abuse, AIDS, imaging, lasers, genetics, lab tests, dermatology and orthopaedics.

The fourth edition of the book by Jesus Perez-Sabido is an excellent text that is comprehensive, well written, and easy to read. Written to provide the reader with basic and practical information about English/Spanish translations of common medical words and phrases, this is not a medical textbook, but a practical bilingual guide for both English and Spanish-speaking people in the health professions.

The book is organized with facing pages alternating in English and Spanish such that one can easily look up phrases in either language and immediately see what the appropriate translation would be. The book is written for persons whose primary language is either English or Spanish and can easily be used from either point of lingual origin.

Included are pronunciation guides in both languages, sections on obtaining a medical history, and questions appropriate to the full range of organ systems in medicine. The book also includes a section entitled "Patient Information on Tests and Special Care Situations" that can assist the health professional in preparing patients undergoing special procedures such as barium enemas, bronchoscopy, imaging studies, and invasive procedures. In addition, there is a section entitled "How to Interpret Laboratory Tests" that provides explanations of laboratory results appropriate for patients.

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