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Find Out What Makes Some Medical Practices 
Stand Out From the Crowd

"Not enough time, not enough money, too many demands," is the lament of the physician and medical practice manager today.

National recognized consultant Judy Capko, with over 20-years of experience, shares an energetic and innovative approach to organizational management, building patient centered strategies and valuing staff contributions. Judy brings new strategies and ideas to the “Not enough time, not enough money, too many demands” quandary.

This is not your standard how-to-book. Judy Capko taps into the most successful medical practices and gives the reader the inside scoop on what is working – and what is not working in practices. All physicians and practice executives will find the Secrets divulged here critical to the running of an efficient and successful practice.

Twelve chapters guide you through the most critical components of the best-run medical practices:
  • The Perfect Receptionist
  • Conquering Work & Patient Flow Problems
  • The Amazingly Productive Doctor
  • Mastering the Appointment Schedule
  • Common Sense Risk Management
  • Team Spirit – Team Power
  • The Dynamics of the Outpatient Academic Practice
  • The Power of Revenue Management
  • Great Employees – The Simple Truth
  • The Money Crunch
  • Reshaping the Practice – A New Genre
  • The Practice of The Future
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