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Medical transcription requires a practical knowledge of medical language, anatomy, physiology, disease processes, pharmacology, laboratory medicine, and the tools to do the job.

Our best-selling Medical Phrase Index is a medical transcription tool used by thousands of medical transcriptionists, court reporters, and health information management personnel nationwide. The completely revised 4th edition includes over 50,000 new entries, making it the most comprehensive medical phrase book in print. All entries are cross-indexed under each word in the phrase, and include "sound alike" words and common abbreviations. Our Medical Phrase Index features:
  • Over 6,000 new entries in the 5th edition
  • Over 283,000 medical phrases
  • All entries cross-indexed
  • Thumb indexed to help you find words faster.
Read the following comments posted on regarding this great medical reference book.

"An excellent medical transcription reference." Being in the medical transcription field having to look up new words and decipher dialects, this is one book every transcriptionist should have. To look up a word by disease and/or symptom is a lot faster than a flashlight without batteries in the dark! I highly recommend this book to medical transcriptionists whether a beginner, intermediate or experienced one. Tracee Moland - Las Vegas, Nevada

"Required MT resource" When one hears one word in a phrase but is not sure of others, this resource is invaluable. Of all my resources for medical transcription, this is one of the few I use every day. Can't live without it. J. Martin - Cortez, Colorado

"Couldn't Have Done It Without this Book" As a new medical transcriptionist coming from a completely different background, this book has proved to be more valuable to me than almost any other book in my library. If you can only catch part of a phrase or know what the word or phrase is related to, you will, almost always, find what you are looking for! The only other book that would be in my library is the "sounds like" book-set up exactly like this one. Reader - Nevada

"Best overall reference for medical transcriptionists" If you're a medical transcriptionist and can only purchase one reference, make it this one -- a comprehensive, interdisciplinary compiliation of the words and phrases you're likely to hear in medical dictation. This reference really shines when only a portion of a phrase can be determined due to poor quality dictation, and can save the practitioner much time and effort. Reader - Illinois

"This book is a MUST HAVE reference for medical transcriptionists" Unlike other references, this one is all alphabetical, you do not need to know which type of specialization in which to find the term you need. Abbreviations are also included. It is very comprehensive and current in listed terms. Reader - Willmar, Minnesota

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