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Health insurance companies will never tell you your fees are too low. Now you can find out for yourself.

"For every single physician that anyone can find who is over-charging I can find nine who aren't charging enough." James B. Davis, "The Billion Dollar Biller"

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Medical Fees Directory 2020 includes everything you need to review your fees, set fees for new services, challenge low payments from third party payers, and evaluate managed care contracts. The fees are based on an analysis of over 1 billion actual claims submitted to third party payers.

Medical Fees Directory 2020 includes:
  • UCR and Medicare fees for over 9,000 CPT codes
  • Suggested fees for most new CPT codes
  • Fees for modifier - 26, professional component
  • Fees for modifier - TC, technical component
  • Complete descriptions for procedures and services
Includes a comprehensive introduction and listings for over 9,000 CPT codes with expanded descriptions, fees at the 50th, 75th and 90th percentiles, plus Medicare fees and relative values (RVUs). Also includes geographic adjustment factors to help you fine-tune the data to your geographic area of practice.
  • Review your fee schedule against national and local statistical norms
  • Set fees for new or never before performed procedures
  • Maximize your payments from Medicare and private carriers
  • Challenge low allowances and payments by health insurance companies
  • Review managed care contracts to determine if payments are fair and reasonable


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