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Newly updated and revised, the third edition of Medical Record Auditor offers an in-depth discussion of how the medical record is structured and how to review medical record documentation to determine level of service. In addition to reviewing the documentation and coding guidelines used today, including evaluation and management (E/M) guidelines, this resource provides chart-auditing fundamentals, case studies, and other helpful examples to guide and enhance your understanding.

Designed to help navigate the important topic of record auditing, this book will assist the physician practice in maintaining compliance with the government, insurance carriers, and other agencies that review medical records.

Tools are provided to aid in the proper audit of medical records, as well as instruction on analyzing and reporting results of an audit. Chapter exercises are included to test the reader's comprehension of the material.

Enhancements to this edition:
  • A new chapter and PowerPointŪ presentation on regulatory guidance helps the reader to better understand the insurance carrier audit, recovery audits, and government audits; the Comprehensive Error Rate Testing program; recovery audit contractors; and how to audit under a corporate integrity agreement
  • Seven new audit forms and 15 new auditing exercises covering two additional specialties
  • More opportunities to evaluate what you've learned with the inclusion of additional "test your knowledge" questions for each chapter
To aid in medical record audit education, the CD-ROM contains:
  • 125 auditing case exercises and answers, covering 13 specialties
  • 23 audit forms
  • Answer key for "Test Your Knowledge" questions
  • PowerPointŪ presentations summarizing the content of each chapter
  • CMS documentation guidelines for 1995 and 1997

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