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Create HIPAA policies and procedures that you can implement with confidence. HIPAA Policies and Procedures Desk Reference, written by authors of the AMA's Field Guide to HIPAA Implementation, addresses cultural and regulatory changes regarding patient privacy and offers a wide range of HIPAA policies and procedures that physicians and privacy officers can customize for their medical practices.

The first section offers an overview of the Privacy Rule with guidelines physicians should follow, a quick reference guide that points to the specific policy for each HIPAA question, a basic overview of HIPAA policies and procedures, and additional in-depth support and answers to more complex questions.

What follows are 39 comprehensive policies and procedures that address components of topics such as protected health information, patient rights, and privacy management. Because these policies and procedures - plus 57 sample forms - are included on the accompanying CD, medical practices can customize them easily to fit individual needs.

Three-Ring Binder with CD-ROM, 496 pages

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