Data Files & Software

PMIC publishes a variety of data products for use with coding and billing programs. We also carry Flash Code, rated the best electronic medical coding software by Medical Software Reviews.

Standard Formats

All PMIC data files are delivered in excel (.xls), tab-delimited (.txt) and fixed-field (.prn) formats. Standard descriptions are UPPER CASE for short descriptions and Sentence case for Full descriptions. All PMIC data files include a Status indicator for new and revised codes.

Custom Formats

We can provide data files in comma-delimited format, pipe delimited and flat file formats upon request. ICD-10-CM data files are available with decimals upon request. Any of our data file products can be delivered in custom formats, such as Proper case or Sentence case descriptions and/or custom fields that you define. Call 1-800-MED-SHOP to discuss custom data files.

Single or Multiple User?

Our data files are licensed based on the number of users. If the data file is to be installed on a single PC and used by only one person at a time, you qualify for a single-user license.

If the data file is to be installed on multiple PCs or a server-based system allowing simultaneous access by more than one person at a time, you need to purchase a multi-user License. Call 1-800-633-7467 for a quote on a multi-user license.

2020 Data Files & Software
2020 Data Files & Software

2021 Data Files & Software
2021 Data Files & Software

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