Automating the Medical Record
Second Edition

The medical community is not immune to evolving technology, particularly when it concerns the way data is collected and recorded. That's why it's time to make technology work for your practice. Automating the Medical Record, Second Edition helps you understand the scope of the electronic medical record (EMR) and assess how the EMR approach can benefit your practice. Guidelines and checklists direct you through evaluating and selecting the appropriate vendors, systems and products so you can complete a successful implementation process and take in a return on your automation investment. The purpose of this book is practical - every medical practice wants to make a good choice in all phases its automation and chose an EMR that saves time and money. This resource also includes chapters on HIPAA considerations and digital imaging systems.

With a myriad of checklists and guidelines, Automating the Medical Record, Second Edition is an invaluable step-by-step roadmap to achieving a workable and successful solution.

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