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At Journey’s End is an invaluable resource not only for planning one’s own funeral, but it will also prove invaluable to anyone who has been thrust into the responsibility of planning a funeral for someone else, especially while mourning a loss themselves.

A compendium of facts, guidelines, opinions, customs, regulations, traditions, cost analysis, checklists, legal form and advice for how to prepare a funeral—including your own, this book can help in several ways. Tips on buying coffins direct from the manufacturers or via email (the price is at least half and funeral homes are forbidden from charging a handling fee), how to negotiate for family plots at a discount and other cost-saving measures are explained in full detail. The book also includes legal forms and general guidelines for anatomical gifts, living will, instructions for burial or cremation, uniform donor cards and a state-by-state listing of memorial societies. At Journey’s End will help anyone find the answers they need during a time of crisis or a time of preparation.

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About the Authors: Abdullah Fatteh, M.D., Ph.D., LL.B. has been a pathologist and medical examiner for over 39 years. After receiving medial degrees in India and England and a Ph.D. in pathology form The Queen’s University in Belfast, Dr. Fatteh taught in several medical schools. Dr. Fatteh is the author of many consumer and professional books, including How to Live with Heart Disease and Handbook of Forensic Pathology. He lives with his wife in Plantation Florida; they have three grown children, all of whom are physicians. At Journey’s End was co-authored with his daughter, Dr. Naaz Fatteh. Naaz Fatteh, M.D., is certified in Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine. She is currently the Director of Infectious Disease for the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Plantation General Hospital in Florida. She received her medical degree from Medical College of Pennsylvania.

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