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Medical Procedure Coding Made Easy!
A Comprehensive Guide to the Current Procedural Terminology and 
HCPCS Coding Systems for Health Care Professionals

The new 8th edition of our best-selling tutorial teaches medical procedure coding using the CPT and HCPCS coding systems. Great for both beginning and experienced coders.

Medical Procedure Coding Made Easy! is used to teach medical procedure coding at colleges and universities nationwide.

Medical Procedure Coding Made Easy! includes and covers:
  • Extensive glossary of billing & coding terminology
  • Comprehensive CPT & HCPCS coding fundamentals
  • Coding and billing issues
  • Anatomical illustrations with CPT cross-reference
  • Coding Evaluation & Management services (E & M)
  • E & M documentation guidelines
  • National Correct Coding Policies (NCCI)
  • Coding Anesthesia & Surgery services
  • Coding Radiology & Laboratory services
  • Coding Medicine services
  • Self-tests with answers
About the Author

James B. Davis, the founder and President of PMIC has over 30 years in the health care industry, He is a nationally known expert in the areas of medical coding, compliance and reimbursement and is the author or editor of over 200 best-selling books on these topics. Prior to founding PMIC, he owned one of the most successful medical billing companies in California where he processed over $1 billion in health insurance claims for his clients.

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