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CPT® Case Studies: Examples of Procedures and Services

CPT® Case Studies: Examples of Procedures and Services is the official reference guide with practical case studies to help illustrate real-life clinical examples and the appropriate reporting environment for over 1000 of the top most-reported CPT® codes. It is the only authoritative book to describe the pre-service, intra-service, and post-service elements of typical services/procedures for Medicare's claim data for these frequently reported CPT codes.

Organized like the CPT codebook, this important reference not only delivers accurate and official CPT Editorial Board-approved procedural case studies, it is also enhanced with illustrations; coding tips; information about the global period of a code to indicate which portion of the before, during, and after services/procedures should be reported with the associated CPT code; and cross-referenced citations to CPT Assistant and Clinical Examples of Radiology newsletters and CPT Changes to provide additional coding information for specific CPT codes.

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