Click to enlarge2017 Procedures/RVU Data Files
Includes both Short & Full Descriptions

Instead of adding, modifying or deleting CPT codes one by one, update all CPT codes at once with the click of a mouse. Our data file includes all official CPT codes with both short (up to 45 characters) and full descriptions along with official RVUs from the Physician Fee Schedule.
  • Copy the datafile to your PC for use with your medical billing software.
  • Includes all official CPT codes with short descriptions and Medicare RVUs
  • Saves you time and prevents errors when loading the new CPT codes


Field Position Length Description
Record Sequence 1 5 Record number for sorting purposes
Status 6 1 Status indicator A = new R = revised 
Code 7 5 CPT code
Short Description 12 45 CPT short description
Work 57 7 Work RVU
NonFac PE 64 7 Non Facility Practice Expense RVU
Fac PE 71 7 Facility Practice Expense RVU
MP RVU 78 7 Malpractice RVU
Full Description 85 Variable CPT full description

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