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2017 Coding Guide Oral Surgery & Dental Cross-Over Claims

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The Coding Guide Oral Surgery & Dental Crossover Claims represents the ultimate procedure to diagnosis code linking reference for the oral surgery and dental practice.

The selection of CDT codes, CPT® codes and ICD-10-CM links included in the Coding Guide are based on a computer analysis of over 200 million actual health insurance claims submitted to third party payers. The analysis program is designed and supervised by our in-house medical staff and coding experts so that only statistically reliable data are included.

The Coding Guide Oral Surgery & Dental Crossover Claims includes:
  • Comprehensive glossary of coding and billing terminology
  • Comprehensive introduction to CDT, CPT® and diagnostic coding
  • CDT codes with linkages to ICD-10-CM codes
  • CPT® codes reported by oral surgeons with linkages to ICD-10-CM codes.
  • Introduction to the ICD-10, SNODENT and SNO-DDS diagnostic coding systems
  • Complete instructions for the ADA Dental and CMS 1500 claim forms
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