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The term "e-book" stands for "electronic book." PMIC e-Books are supplied in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. PMIC e-Books are exact copies of the original printed books, and paginated exactly as the original, so that all page and index references remain correct.

Features and benefits:
  • PMIC e-Books are exact reproductions of the original book including pagination, indexing, tables and illustrations.
  • Our e-Books include bookmarks and hyperlinks for easy navigation
  • E-books are fully searchable by code, key word, or phrase.
  • e-Books are priced less than printed books due to lower production costs

2018 Electronic Books (e-Books)
2018 Electronic Books (e-Books)

ICD-9-CM e-Book
ICD-9-CM e-Book

Medical Phrase Index eBook, PDF Format
Medical Phrase Index eBook, PDF Format

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